DCI's PAT Hosts Superhero Event

What a super day the Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program at Dickinson Center, Inc. (DCI) had on March 22, 2023. They hosted their free “Super Hero’s” event for the public, including Elk County families with children five years of age and under. A total of 54 families with 91 children attended.

At this event, the staff provided a variety of super hero activities, face painting, crafts, a superhero book, and a super snack. There were a lot of children that arrived in their favorite super hero costumes, however at their event they promoted and recognized how children and parents are super heroes themselves.


Cortney Pahel, Dickinson’s Program Director noted how proud she was of her super hero team (Amanda Annis, Amy Murphy, Michele Davis, and Brenda Wurm).

“These girls work incredibly hard each day for the families in our Parents as Teachers, The Children's Center and Triple P programs,” said Pahel. “On top of their everyday work they helped plan and coordinate fun events just like this one. I'm always blown away with their creativity, coordination, and initiative to help one another. I'm one lucky supervisor to work with a SUPER team.”

In addition, DCI is thankful to announce that they received the Elk County Society for Special Services Grant from the Elk County Community Foundation to expand their Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program and continue to offer family support, parent education, community outreach and events in Elk County, Pennsylvania. The $3,000 funding received will go towards four community events (Super Heroes, Annual Storytime Walk, National Night Out, and Light Up Night).

The DCI- PAT team is very thankful to all of the super families who were able to attend this fun event. For more information about these programs please visit https://www.dickinsoncenter.org/prevention.