Peer Support Services

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Description of service provided:

Peer Specialist services are specialized therapeutic interactions conducted by self-identified current or former consumers of mental health services. The peer specialist is trained and certified to offer support and assistance in helping others in their recovery and community-integration process. Peer support is intended to inspire hope in individuals that recovery is not only possible, but also realistically achievable.

The program philosophy is that all peer specialists are examples of hope and can enlighten people as to what recovery is and can teach the skills to help facilitate it. Recovery pathways give people direction and assistance in achieving individualized goals, while recovery principles and wellness tools provide ways to maintain wellness and divert possible problems. Services are based on mutuality and respect. In peer encounters mutuality provides bonding, role modeling, friendship, companionship and a common ground.

Consumer choice is crucial and the individuals participating in the program are encouraged to take an active role in their goal planning and recovery process. Services can include but are not limited to:

  • Goal planning and assistance
  • Peer to peer counseling
  • Wellness groups
  • Personal Wellness Recovery Plan (WRAP)
  • Psychiatric Advanced Directive
  • Advocacy
  • Community awareness and integration awareness
  • Self determination and self discovery


Geographic area of service:

  • Elk
  • Cameron
  • Potter
  • Clearfield
  • Jefferson
  • Forest
  • Warren Counties

Admissions criteria:

This is a voluntary program. The individual must be 18 years of age or older, with a Serious Mental Illness as defined by the Mental Health Bulletin number OMH-94-04.

Peer Support Referral Form Peer Support Referral Flyer

How to access service:

Peer Specialist referrals can come from a variety of different sources including: psychiatrists, outpatient therapist, Partial Hospitalization Program, case managers, psychiatric hospitals, other service providers involved in their current treatment and self-referrals.

Address and hours of operation:

43 Servidea Drive (along Rt. 219)
Ridgway, PA 15853

The Peer Specialist Program works nontraditional hours to meet the needs of the consumer.

How consumers pay for services:

This program is a state initiative is subsidized by county funding or Medical Assistance.

Annual reports

Annual reports have been distributed to various partners and are available to anyone by contacting the Program Director to request a copy, or by clicking the appropriate link below to download.