Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Description of Service Provided:

Have you had a hard time keeping track of your appointments? Do you need help in developing a balanced budget? Would you benefit in learning organization skills to help keep your home in order? Have you heard of personal medicine techniques but would like to learn more what this means for you? Do you want to become a self-advocate for your overall wellness? If any of these questions can be answered yes and your mental health is impairing you from accomplishing these skills, or if there is any other skills you have in mind you would like to learn, Dickinson Center, Inc.’s Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation program can assist you.

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation (MPR) provides individuals services to learn skills in one’s home and/or in the community. The MPR Program is a recovery – oriented program that is highly individualized and directed by the individual receiving services. A key element of rehabilitation is to help empower one to make choices about one’s life. 

This service is delivered individually to each member and services are tailored to individual’s wants and needs. The MPR Specialist meets with the individual in his/her home, work, school, social environment, which helps to increase their success and satisfaction. This service also ensures to fit each individual’s cultural background, natural environment, and special needs.

Geographic area of Services:

Elk and Cameron counties

Admissions Criteria:

Individuals must meet the criteria of serious mental illness and be age 18 or older.

How to access services:

Referrals can be made from a variety of different sources including: psychiatrists, outpatient therapists, case managers, psychiatric hospitals, and primary care physicians, self or other services providers involved in the individual’s treatment. 

What paperwork is needed? A Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Referral form must be completed fully and signed by a Licensed Practitioner of the healing arts. Proof of the diagnosis such as psychiatric evaluation, doctor notes, or etc. must be sent with the referral. 

Address and hours of operation:

43 Servidea Drive (along Rt. 219)
Ridgway, PA 15853

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation staff works under the concept of nontraditional hours in order to meet the needs of the individual.

How the consumers pay for services:

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation is funded through, Community Care Behavioral Health and Cameron-Elk Behavioral and Developmental Programs. There is no charge to the consumer. 

Annual reports have been distributed to various partners and are available to anyone by contacting the Program Director to request a copy,
or by clicking the link to download. 
Quality Report 2022-2023