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Decision Support Center

The Decision Support Center (DSC) is an addition to the Ridgway Outpatient Medication Clinic.

Individuals who are eligible will meet with a Decision Support Peer Staff prior to their medication appointment with their prescriber.

What you can do in the Decision Support Center and with the Decision Support Peer Staff:

  • Learn about your medications
  • Discover and update your Personal Medicine and Power Statements
  • Watch videos of others in recovery to inspire hope
  • Complete a CommonGround Health Report
  • Talk to the Decision Support Peer Staff and get support in preparing for your medication appointment
  • Use the Recovery Library to find resources to help you in your recovery
  • Track your progress over time
  • Get support for self-advocacy and shared decision making

The Decision Support Center was founded by Pat Deegan and Associates.  The Decision Support Center is managed through a web-based application known as CommonGround. 

The Decision Support Center is funded by Community Care Behavioral Health Services.