Community and School-Based Behavioral Health

Description of service provided:

Dickinson Center, Inc. (DCI) has partnered with various school districts in Pennsylvania to offer mental health treatment in a flexible Community and School-Based Behavioral Health (CSBBH) model.

The CSBBH Team complements school district interventions, such as district prevention programs, educationally-based emotional and behavioral support programs, and other types of community services.

Treatment is composed of individual, family and group therapies across a variety of settings: home, school and community. The team provides crisis services, consultation, and case management services for the students who are involved within the program.

Geographic area of service:

  • Ridgway Area Middle/High School
  • Johnsonburg Area Elementary School
  • Johnsonburg Area Middle/High School
  • Cameron County Middle/High School

Admission criteria:

This program is currently offered to students in some area schools. A child must have a mental health diagnosis and meet medical necessity criteria as issued by the state to be eligible for the program. If interested in seeing if your child qualifies for the service, please reach out to the school district or the CSBBH team.

How to access service:

When a student can use more support, a referral is made to the CSBBH team. School personnel or CSBBH staff will contact parents to get permission for students to be seen by the team. If permission is given, the Team’s Mobile Therapist (MT) will meet with the family and students to get some background information and complete an assessment. The MT will provide a diagnosis and work with others to develop a treatment plan. Parents are active participants in their child’s services.

Address and hours of operation:

Monday - Friday (Hours of operation vary on a daily basis)

How individuals pay for the service:

There is no charge to parents or students for this service, as it is funded by Community Care Behavioral Health.