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Autism Services

Description of Services Provided:
Possibilities offers autism spectrum disorder diagnostic and treatment services for children through 18 years of age. Treatment options include: occupational therapy, brief treatment mobile therapy, sensory integration therapy, social skills groups for teens and children, and individual therapy.

Geographic Area of Service:
Elk, Cameron, McKean, Potter, Jefferson, and Clearfield counties amongst others

Admission Criteria:
Admission for diagnostic evaluation is determined after a face-to-face appointment with a clinician to address presenting problem areas, as well as past personal history.  After the initial session, a complete autism evaluation will be scheduled if deemed necessary.  Participation in sensory integration therapy requires an appropriate referral from a primary care physician.  Social skill groups and individual therapy do not require an autism diagnosis to participate in services.

How to Access Services:
Services are most commonly accessed through phone contact with the office. Referrals are also taken from a family physician, Early Intervention, other behavioral health providers, and the local school districts.

Address and Hours of Operation:
43 Servidea Drive    (along Rt. 219)
Ridgway, PA 15853
M-F 8am-4pm

How Consumers Pay for Services:
Services are billed through third party insurance, covered by medical assistance, or self pay is based on a sliding fee scale determined by household income.