Total Health Program

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Description of Services Provided:
Total HEALTH, an award winning program, is a collaboration between Elk Regional Health Center and Dickinson Center, Inc. to provide primary care and behavioral health services to patients and consumers with physical and psychological conditions.  The goal is to treat the whole person in order to improve care coordination and better meet the health care needs of our community.  The Wellness Nurse will serve as the care coordinator for referred patients. She will accept and review referral information for eligibility, assist in coordinating patient schedules with one of the program’s two primary care physicians, and complete behavioral health and wellness assessments.  The Wellness Nurse will support all patients in meeting their physical and behavioral health treatment needs and recovery care plan.  She will work closely with the patient’s health navigators who are part of the integrated care team.  These team members may include but are not limited to the patient’s case manager, peer specialist or psychiatric physician.  Primary Care Physicians (PCP) will be scheduled bi-monthly to provide holistic care to patients at Dickinson Center’s 43 Servidea Drive location.

Geographic Area of Service:
Elk and Cameron Counties

Admission Criteria:
To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or older, by history or at the present time have a serious mental health condition, and present with a significant medical history or current health condition or moderate to high severity, which restricts mobility and functionality, and/or has placed you in a high risk health status.

How to Access Services:
To learn more about this program and to request admission information, contact Tricia Brendel, RN and Wellness Nurse at 814.776.2145 or 814.776.0151

Address and Hours of Operation:
Dickinson Center, Inc. Main Campus
43 Servidea Drive (along Rt. 219)
Ridgway PA 15853

The program’s wellness nurse will maintain a flexible work schedule and offer both traditional and non-traditional hours of service. 

How Consumers Pay for Services:
This program is funded through Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH), Medicare, and Medicaid.  Under Medicare an entity must be chosen such as UPMC 4 You, Gateway, and Coventry.  Ameri-Health will be accepted in the future.