Mindfulness & Acceptance Group

  • DCI 43 Servidea Drive Ridgway, PA, 15853 United States
Photo of woman with caption "Are you looking for ways to manage your anxiety disorder?"

This mindfulness and acceptance group is based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).  This group is intended for those individuals who have been diagnosed with anxiety, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, or an adjustment disorder with anxiety.

Group participants will learn the following:

  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing skills
  • Strategies to cope with social anxiety

RSVP BY APRIL 20th.  Call Justin Bauer at 814/335.8768

Group starts APRIL 27th and runs for 6-8 weeks every Thursday from 4PM-5PM at Dickinson Center on 43 Servidea Drive in Ridgway.

Most insurances accepted.