Public Meeting Reviews Crisis and Emergency Mental Health Care in Potter County

The Place Drop-in Center hosted a meetingto inform consumers and their family members of how and when to accessDickinson Center Inc. Crisis Services, the Concern Hotline and the Section 302 Emergency Delegate system managed by Potter County Human Services.

Mr. Steven Symans, DCI Director of Crisis Services explained the availability of licensed telephone, walk in and mobile crisis services.  The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and 8:00 am t0 4:00 pm on Friday’s.  Diane Andreason, Crisis Supervisor and Jen Bowen, Program Director of Concern for Kids explained the availability of the hotline which provides telephone support to any person experiencing a problem for which they need emotional support.  Concern will access a Potter County Section 302 Psychiatric Emergency Delegate to assist with any potential psychiatric emergencies that require the issuance of a Warrant for an Emergency Psychiatric Examination by a Physician.  Melissa Gee, Director of Potter County Human Services Mental Health program explained that when sufficient criteria that is indicative of a clear and present danger to self or others, a physician will make a determination if the individual requires involuntary inpatient psychiatric care.  Any consumer seeking a Section 201 voluntary inpatient psychiatric admission can contact DCI Crisis Services during their hours of operation for assessment and referral for necessary care.  After hours consumers are directed to either go to a regional psychiatric hospital to seek admission or seek assistance at Cole Memorial Department of Emergency Medicine where assistance will be provided.

One consumer inquired about the availability of transportation for assistance and treatment.  Consumers were made aware that some regional psychiatric facilities will provide transportation to their facility for any consumer who has met criteria for inpatient care.  Ms. Gee said Potter County Human Services will provide transportation for any indigent person or family seeking care for their child to Cole Memorial for after hours assistance provided all other transportation options have been ruled out.  The objective of all three agencies is to insure that all consumers and their families have access to high quality responsive mental health care.  DCI Crisis Services can be accessed by calling 814.274.8729, Concern Hotline is 1.877.724.7142.