DCI Designated a North Central Trauma-Informed Care Center

North Central Trauma-Informed Care Center Seal

Dickinson Center, Inc. recently earned a certificate from the Community Care Behavioral Health Organization (Community Care) for their annual designation as a North Central Trauma-Informed Care Center in Pennsylvania. Community Care’s recognition commends Dickinson Center for expertise in organizational trauma-informed practice, trauma-specific modalities, trauma-informed supervision and complex problem management with consumers.

Dickinson Center provides trauma-informed services to people who have experienced violence and trauma and are seeking support for recovery and healing. They may or may not have a diagnosis of mental health or substance use disorders, and may experience traumatic impacts from the experiences of violence that have strained social connections in the family, in the workplace, in childrearing, in housing – and that may have led to consequent health problems – all of which need to be addressed in a trauma-integrated manner.

Community Care is a non-profit and federally tax-exempt behavioral health managed care organization, that’s part of the UPMC Health System headquartered in Pittsburgh. Incorporated in 1996, Community Care was created by a leadership team whose clinical experiences as behavioral health providers compelled them to create a company whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of the community through the delivery of effective, cost-efficient, and accessible behavioral health services. Community Care has an office in DuBois.