Mindfulness & Acceptance Group Starts 1/15/19

The Mindfulness and Acceptance Group Therapy curriculum is an evidence-based group therapy practice found to improve areas impacted by social anxiety disorders. The group will be facilitated by Justin Bauer, LCSW, and will be open for up to eight adult group members.

Group participants will learn the following:

  • To develop skills and tools to reduce impact of anxiety and stress

  • Increase mindfulness skills to be present and aware

  • Reduce social anxiety and social isolation

  • Receive support and feedback from others

RSVP by contacting Justin Bauer at 814.834.9722

Group starts January 15th and runs for 8-12 weeks every week from 12PM-1PM at the Dickinson Center Outpatient Office at 808 South Michael Road in St. Marys.