Federal grant and Cole Board approval will advance new community health collaborative

Understanding the health needs in the community allows Cole Memorial to design and implement effective strategies in coordination with other agencies and providers. Each of the three identified priorities will be facilitated by a key leader in the region. Jessica Rohrer, Coudersport Area School District nurse and Rich Neefe, Coudersport Area School District food services director will oversee the Obesity, Physical Inactivity and Nutrition focus group; Heidi Eastman, Potter County operations manager for Dickinson Center, Inc. heads up the mental health focus group and Colleen Wilber, Drugs and Alcohol administrator for Potter County Human Services will manage the substance abuse focus group.

Over the course of the next three years, these three committees will be committed to enhancing the culture of health for our communities by promoting healthy lifestyle, improving access to integrated, holistic behavioral health care and substance abuse services.
— Excerpt from the Cole Memorial Press Release