Saint Leo Catholic School Kindergarten Readiness Program

Elk County- Dickinson Center, Inc. (DCI) in conjunction with St. Leo Catholic School provided a Kindergarten Readiness Program for the fourth consecutive year.  The program is offered to any incoming kindergarten student enrolled at St. Leo Catholic School.  DCI appreciates the support of the parents who transported their children to summer program as well as the ongoing support of Mrs. Detwiler, Principal, and Mrs. Sobieski, Kindergarten Teacher. 
Deborah Freeburg, LIFE Program Caseworker, facilitated the program along with Taylor Freeburg, SMAHS student, employed through North Central. A total of 12 students were enrolled in the three-day program. The students were acclimated to their school and introduced to the routine of their school day.  Sessions included music, physical education, religion, and art.  The program also includes fine and gross motor skill development, literacy, letter and number recognition, sign language, peer interaction, social skills, and school rules.
DCI Children’s Prevention Program, Parents as Teachers staff provided lessons for the program. Mrs. Debra Love, Parent Educator, presented a lesson utilizing the Incredible Years Curriculum. Incredible Years is an evidence-based program endorsed by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. The curriculum has been extensively evaluated and has been shown to decrease risky behaviors late in life such as delinquency, violence, and substance abuse. Mrs. Love taught a lesson on anger management using a puppet to demonstrate and provide strategies to use to de-escalate and resolve one’s anger. DCI‘s Literacy Express brought Clifford, The Big Red Dog, to encourage reading and early literacy each child was presented with a complementary book. 
The program concluded with a Moving-On to Kindergarten Ceremony. The students performed songs that they learned throughout the program and performed This Little Light of Mine using sign language. Following the ceremony, the children had a reception in honor of their accomplishments, and family attended to wish them well as they are off to kindergarten. 

Front Row (L-R):  Aaron MacDonald, Garrett Balon, Maddalena Glass,
Isabella Beimel, David Kennedy
Back Row (L-R): Dominic Williams, Haylee Gardner, Karys Raubenstrauch,
Khloe Uber-Haviland, Josephine Sorg